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汪團 坦桑石純銀吊墜 Corgi Tanzanite Silver Pendant - NUNPD309141

汪團 坦桑石純銀吊墜 Corgi Tanzanite Silver Pendant - NUNPD309141

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  • 材料 Material : 坦桑石 Tanzanite 4mm, 石榴石 Garnet 2mm 
  • 金屬 Metal :  925 Sterling Silver

最新獨特的設計——柯基犬風格的純銀吊墜。 這款迷人的吊墜將柯基犬可愛而前衛的精神融入到一件製作精美的珠寶中。

這款吊墜的核心是一顆 4mm心形坦桑石,以其最高品質和刻面切割,增添了一絲趣味和精緻。 中心的 2mm石榴石與坦桑石相得益彰,形成迷人的色彩對比。

這款吊墜不僅僅是一件珠寶; 更是一件可穿戴的藝術作品。 不要錯過擁有這款來自“Adelesia”的作品。

Introducing our newest unique design – the Corgi-inspired Sterling Silver Pendant. This charming pendant captures the adorable and edgy spirit of Corgis in a beautifully crafted piece of jewelry.

At the heart of this pendant is a 4mm heart-shaped Tanzanite, its highest quality and faceted cut, adding a touch of playful and sophistication. The small 2mm Garnet in the center complements the Tanzanite, creating a captivating contrast of colors.

This pendant is more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a wearable work of art . Don't miss the opportunity to own creation from "Adelesia."

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